A Trip To The Tempest

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Last Thursday afternoon, Doug, Helen, Jane, Tracy, and I saw The Tempest at Hawrelak Park. On our way into Edmonton, we stopped at Urban Forest Design Studio just west of Wildwood. They were having a summer exhibition and sale, and their shelves were full of beautiful pieces. (The sale ended July 8, but they are open year round.) http://www.urbanforestdesign.com/

After a picnic in the park, we made our way to the Heritage Amphitheatre. Tickets for the evening’s performance were $25; for $40 you could purchase a season pass which allowed you to see the perfomance that night and come back to see Julius Caesar. Doug and Helen opted to sit at a picnic table on the grassy knoll while Jane, Tracy and I found centre section seats about ten rows back from the stage. It was a beautiful evening for open air theatre. Although the temperature dropped as the night went on, we did not encounter the millions of mosquitoes we had expected. The play ran just over two hours, including an intermission. The set was simple: a sea/sky blue rampart with a revolving (partial) ship in the centre. Jane thought the first scene, the storm, was fantastic. She was impressed by the¬†maneuvers of the actors who moved in slow motion and created the¬†impression of a listing ship as they tried to avoid being thrown overboard. Tracy was inspired to go home and sew costumes. She especially liked the altered suit jackets worn by Stephano and Trinculo. Personally, I just love watching Shakespeare in an open air theatre. In this production, I especially liked how actors often entered the stage by moving down the aisles. It broke down the fourth wall and drew in the audience. Doug enjoyed the evening so much that he’s going to see Julius Caesar next week.

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