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Trying find motivation this Saturday afternoon to cross some more items off the ‘to-do’ list. Instead, found the ideal source of procrastination lying in a pile of unfolded programs for this evening’s performance. Half an hour later and about 6 tracks from Motörhead (file that under an increasingly eclectic musical library) equates a completed pile of folded programs. Another fine looking set of programs, if I do say so myself. Good job again, Shari.

It’s important to note that before folding the programs, my hands were things of beauty. Magazine hand-model quality, really. People would often notice them and feel compelled to comment. ‘Your hands have given me hope’, they’d say. But my dream of selling watches for Rolex and rings for Spence Diamonds have been crushed.

A fold here, a cut there. Another fold, another slice. You know that flap of skin that is found between your thumb and forefinger? It’s so shredded that if I put my lips up to it and blow, I can play it like a kazoo. But the show must go on…

Enjoy a great performance tonight!


  1. Shari says:

    Way to go above and beyond Gi. I weep for the ruination of your beautiful hands.
    The show will be great tonight. To get more information about our fantastic female performers, visit these websites: (Yup, three Rs)

  2. Robyne says:

    In music, as in life, there is sometimes pain. Thank you for sacrificing your magnificent hands to fold the even-more-magnificent programs.

    I’ll buy you some gloves.

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