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In preparation for the last show of our 2013 season, I spent some time looking at The Steel Wheels website–getting text for our program. Before last summer, I hadn’t heard of The Steel Wheels. Doug, Marilyn and I got together to find an act to round off our season. We checked out the schedules at some of the Edmonton-based theatres and presenting organizations and saw The Steel Wheels were part of the Full Moon Folk Club’s season. We were happy to book them for one of the nights they had open.

I have enjoyed getting to know their music and look forward to hearing it live. I also look forward to meeting them as they seem like solid, community-minded people. Their band t-shirts are made in their hometown, they do an annual bicycle music tour, their local coffee roaster named a dark roast in their honour, and their local brewmaster created Steel Wheels Stout. How cool is that?

The Steel Wheels show on Monday, April 8th is sold out. If you don’t have a ticket and are very sad about it, takeĀ a chance and come to The Red Brick just before 7 pm. If a season ticket holder is unable to attend, there just might be a seat for you. It’s worth a try!

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