A Standing Ovation for Jake’s Gift

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Longtime Chautauqua supporters have identified Jake’s Gift as one of the best performances they have ever seen at The Red Brick. Writer/actor Julia Mackey takes the audience on a journey along the beaches of Normandy as Jake, a Canadian WWII Veteran, reluctantly returns to the site of D-Day for the first time–on the 60th Anniversary of the invasion. Although it is a one-woman show, the performance has a conversational feel as Julia portrays three different characters: Jake, the Veteran; Petite Isabelle, a French girl who tends the graves of Canadian soldiers; and Grande Isabelle, the grand-mère of Petite Isabelle. With changes to her voice, posture, and mannerisms, Julia Mackey brings these diverse characters to life. The story that unfolds amplifies the power of sacrifice and the promise of remembrance.

The experience of Jake’s Gift is difficult to express in words. Hopefully you know someone who saw the January 17th performance and has encouraged you to attend the second community performance at The Red Brick on Saturday night–January 19th. If not, take my word for it. The story is both poignant and humourous. You will feel you have done something important–just by being in the audience.

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